About Bellasentie

Bellasentie was born in 2016 after coming to the conclusion that there are endless amounts of lingerie stores …along with one HUGE struggle to find off the top of our heads, a brand that specialised in nightwear only...(Yes really)
So, internship after internship, fashion show after fashion show, celebrity after celebrity….all the glitz, glam, fashion pandemonium and a
lot of sleepless nights later, it was clear that this industry can be a wild place - but we still had more to offer. We decided- if you’re not happy? Do it yourself. So we did. We set up a studio in the South West of France and Bellasentie was created.
With one sole goal - make you feel beautiful.
We were created as a feminine & sensual nightwear brand based on beauty, confidence, elegance and comfort. The garments are beautiful hand made items created from materials such as satin, cotton, chiffon and silks. Inspired by the mood of the 70’s glamour mixed with the easiness of nightwear, drawing also inspiration from the original surroundings- the romantic French countryside.
A dose of sexy, a huge portion of pretty, a splash of unique, made for all shapes, sizes and ages, we hope you love Bellasentie as much as we do.